Breast Lift

Known as mastopexy, the breast lift is a surgical procedure indicated for sagging breasts.

Factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or genetics can cause breasts to lose their shape and become less firm. As a result, the nipples point down and are found under the inframammary fold with the breasts sagging unattractively and lacking substance.
The breast lifts’ aim is to reshape, reassemble and reposition the breast, thereby correcting the sagginess.

The procedure consists of removing the extra skin around the areola and under the breast as to redrape the skin to get a more enveloping skin and keep the breast in a more natural, younger position. Several incisions are possible depending on the degree of sagging and the amount of extra skin to be removed. The scars from these incisions will diminish over time and they will remain visible but hidden.

This type of procedure has aesthetic purposes only and aims to minimize the extent of scars. It should also be noted that a breast lift has no consequence on the ability to breastfeed nor on nipple sensitivity. Each case is a special situation that requires personalized consultation and individualized treatment. Dr. Bernier will discuss with you your expectations as well as the best treatments to get realistic results.

The breast lift can be associated with augmentation with implants if you want to change volume or to have more firmness.

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