Local anesthesia and sedation

Modern sedation techniques have evolved significantly in recent decades and now allow us to undertake medical procedures without creating additional risks. The aim of anesthesia is to provide surgery under ideal conditions for the patient. Because some patients recover slowly from general anesthesia, scientific progress has made sedation-analgesia an alternative option for them for many surgeries.

Sedation-analgesia ensures painless and memory-free surgery in which patients find themselves in a state of comfort and semi-wakefulness. During anesthesia, a qualified sedation professional is dedicated to managing and monitoring their comfort for the duration of the procedure. Dr. Elise Bernier’s surgical technique is well adapted, allowing for faster recovery in a safe environment without some of the side effects of general anesthesia.

Local anesthesia with sedation consists of the use of intravenous sedation injected in combination with painkillers, anti-nausea, and anti-inflammatory drugs. The pain is therefore controlled as well as the patient’s state of consciousness. The patient will feel a relaxing and painless feeling of comfort. This state of half-consciousness also allows Dr. Bernier to interact with the patient throughout the procedure. After a procedure under local anesthesia and sedation, you wake up and feel well.


Our objective is to ensure a safe surgery without pain and without memory. Overall, we deliver a feeling of comfort and a quick recovery because of Dr. Elise Bernier‘s choice of anesthesia technique.

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