How does blue phototherapy work?

The bacteria causing acne produce a metabolism that makes them sensitive to blue light and can even destroy them without overly affecting the normal cells of the skin. That is why exposure to a potent source of blue light can reduce the number of these bacteria. Several sessions of 15 to 30 minutes each, over a few days, are generally required to control acne.

Is this the best solution for my problem?

There are also several other methods for treating acne: antibiotics, retinoic acid, etc. Dr. Bernier will be able to advise as to which treatment would be most appropriate in your case.

Is the treatment painful?

Not in the least. This light is not warm and is somewhat similar to the light of a tanning device without the potentially harmful UVs.

What is the care to provide before and after the treatment?

Nothing in particular; obviously any makeup has to be removed so as not to block the special light.

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