Laser Hair Removal

Get smooth hairless skin!

Hairiness may be the result of genetic predispositions, hormonal imbalance or the use of certain drugs. Moreover, even slight hairiness can be perceived as unwanted when located in obvious or unusual spots: especially if the hairs are big and thick. Laser Hair Removal might be a solution to consider!

Laser treatment has been used for several years for medical and aesthetic procedures. Studies have demonstrated its effectiveness for removal of unwanted hair. It is a procedure that is approved by both the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and Health Canada.

FOTONA’s SP Dynamis laser uses extremely short wavelength pulses of Nd: YAG wavelength, producing a fractional pattern in the dermis and epidermis. This controlled pulse technology, combined with FRAC3, is absorbed by melanin, the hair’s natural pigment. However, this same light is barely absorbed by the skin or blood and penetrates well to the root of the hair where it is directed; leaving the surrounding skin intact. This is called selective photo-thermolysis.

This radiation overheats and kills only the root in its active growth phase, leaving a dormant root unaffected due to the absence of melanin in this active phase. This is the reason why we recommend more than one treatment. The optical energy will be focused to the inside of the hair and will radiate outward.

Although laser hair removal is a medical technique with very few complications and with a high degree of satisfaction, the results may vary from one patient to another. Age, ethnicity, hormonal factors, metabolism and some medications can also affect the results.

Laser hair removal is, therefore, a painless, fast and advantageous treatment. Ask about our available packages.

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